Pantone Color Match

Our spot color printing services are an accurate way to reproduce the same rich, vibrant color every time. Inks are premixed according to formulas and matched to 1,867 swatches from the Pantone color match system. This allows for an incredibly accurate reproduction of the original artwork and branding submitted to us by our customers.

Spot color printing works by combining four different base colors to create a wide range of tones and hues. These four base colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), can come together to create just about any color you can imagine. This is why the Pantone color match approach is so effective.

That said, spot color printing requires a whole plate for each color. Because of this, it is better suited to those labels which are limited in color range. A vibrant but limited coloring of labels is ideal for this type of label printing.

Many logos specify a specific corporate spot color. Our Pantone color match system ensures a consistent match on every print run. Offering unparalleled uniformity and consistency, spot color printing is ideal for customers looking for sharp, easy-to-read text with a limited color scheme.

Using our Pantone color match methodology, spot color printing is a fantastic choice for food labels. The simple yet striking color schemes and crisp text make this kind of printing optimal for getting your product noticed on the shelf. Your product is sure to catch the eye.

LabelTec has a 12-color press, so many color combinations are possible. In addition, we can use spot printing on a wide variety of materials, ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for. From durable film-based labels to our incredibly popular semigloss options, we are sure to have what it takes to make your perfect label.

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