Agricultural Labels

LabelTec helps agrochemical companies meet all their regulatory requirements. Agriculture labels are a vital part of the process of creating agricultural products. Not only do you need an appealing and artistic label, you need one which will achieve your brand vision, while also providing the consumer with all the necessary warnings and legal information associated with your product.

Agrochemical label packagingDirections for use, warning statements, and legal information often require more than just a standard label design. Chemical and agricultural labels have to meet all the regulations mandated by the government. This is simply not something for which your standard label is well suited. LabelTec’s comprehensive extended content programs are here to help.

Our multi-ply labels are perfect for chemical and agricultural labels as they effectively double or triple the room available for printing. Multi-ply labels (peel-and-reveal) give you three surfaces to print on, allowing you to easily create a label that displays proper branding and artwork, while still being compliant with all regulations. These labels are fantastic for most agrochemical and agricultural products.

Still not enough room to achieve your branding vision? Try our booklet labels. Booklet labels open up space for as much copy as you need to maintain compliance. These booklets can be up to 100 pages in length and are designed to maintain a sleek look while being capable of containing large amounts of information and regulation warnings. Booklet labels are the perfect choice for your agrochemical packaging needs.

Don’t settle for a clunky, unappealing label just because your product requires a lot of information to be included. Whether you go with our multi-ply labels, or opt for a booklet, here at LabelTec, we are sure to have just what you need to make your product stand out. Your packaging will be the perfect balance of branding and regulation.

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