Food Labels and Packaging

When it comes to consumers picking products on a shelf, branding is everything. That is why we are committed to printing the perfect food packaging labels, whether you need the nutrition for your snacks or are looking to create healthy food packaging labels for your products, we have exactly what you need.

Food Labels and PackagingLabelTec prints high-quality labels that have consistent, vivid colors. These colors can be used to send messages about your product without the customer needing to analyze it too extensively. Do you want to show that your product is for kids? Bright colors and cartoon-like graphics can easily be printed.

If you are looking to reach the health-conscious consumer, we can help create healthy food packaging labels. Using natural colors can really make your product stand out to the nutrition-focused consumer, and we can ensure that your labels match your vision with our Pantone color matching system.

We know that you have put an immense amount of work and care into your product. We want to ensure that your food packaging labels reflect all that work and care. If you already have a vision of your product on the shelf, we will ensure that the finished product matches that vision perfectly.

Don’t quite know how to make your product stand out? We have professional designers ready to help you create the perfect label. From snacks to cereal to healthy food packaging labels, our team can create the best packaging label that will set you apart from the competition.

Your label design will come to life on materials that let you exude your brand at a competitive price. We use a spectrophotometer to calculate precise colors for consistency across print runs. Don’t settle for inferior labels. Here at LabelTec, we are sure to have exactly what you need to create packaging that looks as good as your product tastes.

Tell us about your project, and we'll help you find the best printing solution.