Dispensary LabelsLabelTec is well-positioned to serve the ever-growing cannabis industry; we can do printing for both marijuana-infused products and dispensary labels. With all the government regulations surrounding the design of dispensary labels, many growers and distributors opt for the extended content label, where they can comply with regulations on the inner pages and leave the outer surface for branding.

The cannabis industry is booming, and we know that with such high demand comes plenty of competition. This is why your dispensary labels printing is so absolutely vital in our current economy. Here at LabelTec, we have learned to put our tools and experience to work, perfecting the art of printing cannabis dispensary labels. Our label options are sure to have just what you need to achieve your brand’s vision.

While the competition will be struggling to balance their branding and eye-catching designs with the multitude of warnings and governmentally-required pieces of information, your label can neatly capture both. We were one of the first printers to produce the innovative booklet label, and we like to think we have since mastered the process of producing them.

What this means is that you won’t have to sacrifice anything in order to comply with government regulations. You’ll have a well-informed printing partner to help you through the process. You can still have your original artistic design on the outside, and with our expert design and printing of cannabis dispensary labels, the mandatory text can be neatly added in the form of a booklet underneath.

We have two presses capable of the popular and versatile multi-ply (or peel-and-reveal) labels. With 12 color stations available, we can offer full-color process printing on the outer AND inner surfaces. If there is more copy than will fit on the three sides of a multi-ply label, we can laminate a multi-page booklet to a base label. Give us a call, and we can walk you through the options for making your label design stand out while complying to government regulations.

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