General Questions:

What kind of labels do you print?

We print all types of labels including expanded content or booklet labels.

What about expanded content or booklet labels?

Booklet labels allow additional copy by laminating a booklet to a pressure sensitive base label. The booklet can be a two sided sheet or a stapled booklet, up to a 72 pages.

Pricing Labels:

Do I need to be an expert to buy labels?

We will help you become an expert. You need to decide on the size of the label. We will help you with the type of material and adhesive based on your application. We all suggest ways for you to save money so you can maximize your label dollars. We will also advise you if we think the Fair Labeling Act, FDA or EPA regulations apply.

How do you price labels?

We use a computer program dedicated to the complexities of label pricing. Basically, there are two factors, materials and labor. Setting up each job with the specified material, inks and die is often the biggest cost factor. This is why the cost per thousand will go down dramatically as the quantity increases. We will quote you several quantities so you can see what works for you.

Which colors can I choose?

We print more than 1000 colors from Pantone Color Matching System. These are called spot colors because they are pre-mixed to match the Pantone swatch book. If you have a specific color to match you can send us the color and we will find the closest Pantone for you.

What about 4-color process printing?

We also print 4-color process. The 4 process colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) are printed in various combinations and coverages to produce a large number of colors. This allows the reproduction of full-color images. LabelTec specializes in quality full-color printing. Our logo was inspire by it.

About Quotes:

When will I need to buy plates?

Only when you are printing a new job or if you have changes to an existing job. Each printing color needs a special digital polymer plate which transfers the ink to the paper of film. We excel at finding common plates for items printing at the same size. This reduces how many plates you need to run and makes the job faster ( read cheaper) to run.

Exact Reorders

After the initial run, we store your plates in a climate controlled plate room where they will be ready for you reorder.

Purchase Order Questions:

Do I need a purchase order?

A purchase order puts your job into our system, so we can order material, schedule graphics and schedule press-time. If your company does not use formal purchase orders, or if you are used to verbal orders, a fax or e-mail with the quantity, due date, and shipping instructions will get your job moving.

Design Questions:

Can you design my label?

We have professional designers ready to create your label.

What are you design specs if I supply art?

We can handle art designed by PC or Mac. We use the major graphics programs, including Illustrator and Quark. We like bleeds or margins of at least 1/16″.

Do I need to worry about trapping?

Trapping is the slight overlap of color to prevent paper form showing between colors. These traps are usually less than half a point (seven thousandth of an inch). We will expertly trap your document using Nexus, our comprehensive digital workflow management system.

Proof Sign-off (Proof Approval):

How do I give final approval to my label?

For most print jobs, we submit proofs and you can make changes from a PDF proof. We do not make plates until you are 100% satisfied with your job. When everything is correct we prefer your signature on the proof. Or you can indicate approval by e-mail.

Can I give verbal approval?

No, we require an e-mail, fax or scan with your approval so we are sure everything is correct.

Production Questions:

You just push a magic button to print labels, don’t you?

There is a magic button that starts the press, but there is a whole team of LabelTec professionals from graphics and plate making to expertly trained press operators who match colors and maintain registration, all to achieve the magic touch you are looking for.

Do you have a minimum run?

We don’t have a minimum run, but most often it makes sense to run at least 1,000 labels after the press has been set up for a particular job.

Quality Controls:

How do you ensure the labels you print are exactly what I ordered?

We have several quality control at key points through the label process. Making and checking the proof catches more errors. Personnel in graphics will make a querry if something looks amiss, even after sign-off. Before plates are made, we check the final copy against both the customer print-out and the signed proof. On press, copy, barcodes, other graphics, color and registration are checked. Finally, each label goes through an inspection machine which enables detection and elimination of any defect. Your finished rolls are proofs of the LabelTec commitment to quality.


Will I like my labels?

Yes! Absolutely. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the labels, or we will replace them to your satisfaction.