Piggyback Labels

Peel back the top layer to reveal up to three pages of more – more information, more graphics, and more branding. Get one-on-one support for the first run, and every run after. Let’s find your labels!

Who Needs Piggyback Labels?

Peel back labels, commonly called piggyback labels, include up to three pages of graphics, text, and a barcode. These labels have a peel-away top layer that cam be applied to another surface like an envelope, laptop, or window. It can also be hinged – that is, the top layer stays connected and can be easily reapplied to the bottom layer. Common industries that use piggyback labels include:

  1. Food and beverage
  2. Household products
  3. Over-the-counter supplements and medicines

If you need to communicate information in multiple languages, you will likely want to look at our expanded content booklet labels.

What You Should Know About Peel-Back Labels

  • They have all kinds of names. You may have heard them called hinge, multi-ply, piggyback, peel-away, and peel-and-reveal.
  • They are direct thermal and thermal transfers (applied by hand or machine) that can stick to paper, plastics, metals, and cardboard.
  • They require plating, so changing the art or text can be costly.
  • There are three ways to print the top layer:
  1. Nested labels have a slightly smaller top layer than the base, making the peel-back layer easy to identify.
  2. Flush cut makes the top layer the same size so that you have more space.
  3. Flush cut with tab comes with an extra piece that makes it easier for customers to peel away the top layer.

Benefits of Using Piggyback Labels

There are many benefits to printing peel-back labels in high quantities (>50,000). They provide:

  • Additional space to show off your brand
  • More value to your customers
  • Better color matching, consistency, and vibrancy
  • Several options for easy removal of the top layer
  • Durable adhesives and materials that can withstand extreme conditions in humidity and temperature
Peel Back Label Animation

The only way to know if these extended text, peel-back labels will fit your product is to talk to our label expert. We’ll ask a few questions and help you find the right product and material for your labels. Let’s get started!

What Are Piggyback Labels Exactly?

And How Do They Work?

  • Facestock
  • Adhesive
  • Release liner
  • Adhesive
  • Back sheet

The release liner and top adhesive are usually more flexible and allow you to pull the top layer away. The bottom adhesive is more permanent. You can either get a top layer that is removable or hinged.

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Digital labels are an excellent way to put some pow into your labels. There are so many options, and this process should be exciting for you! We promise to do everything we can to make the ordering and labeling experience as fun for you as it is for us.

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