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One of the many different labels we offer, a film label, also called a poly label, is a great choice for a variety of different projects. Known for their durability, they are made from synthetic materials that don’t absorb moisture. This ensures that your film label will withstand whatever is thrown at it.

Film-based product labels are difficult to tear, can withstand harsh temperatures and chemicals, and produce vibrant images. Capable of being produced with a number of materials, a film label can include white pearlescent, clear, and metallic colors.

Clear film allows your customer to see through the label to your product. A clear label is a fantastic choice for bottles and clear plastic containers. The ability to showcase your product while simultaneously incorporating branding can be of great benefit when it comes to standing out on the shelf.

White pearlescent colors can make your product appear light and inviting. A film label done in this style can be perfect for things like food packaging.

Metallic materials are a great way to add a luxurious look to your product packaging. Great for high-end products, the metallic shine will help your brand stand out from the competition while also telling the customer that what they’re getting is the best of the best. LabelTec can show you how to use the shine of metallic film label to draw your customer’s eye.

Regardless of what your product is, LabelTec can produce a film that will match your desired branding perfectly. Film labels offer a hardy consistency without sacrificing visual appeal. Capable of being paired with our various printing types, we can utilize film to produce anything from basic, straightforward labels to intricate and informative booklet labels.

If you’re looking for reliable, worry-free label printing, film labels are perfect for you. We can even help you design your labels to make the process easier.

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