Label Printing

Same Size Labels Saves CostLabelTec keeps pricing low by letting you take advantage of efficiencies such as quoting the total of like-sized items. In-house graphics means a more cohesive production. Efficiency and quality is infused to the process by implementing the precision of latest-technology digital plate-making.

Our experience allows us to control the budget, time-line and success of your project. We win by helping you win.

Do you have regulations with which you need to comply? We know the regulations for Nutrition Facts, Supplement Facts, other FDA compliance, USDA compliance, UPC or shipping bar codes, metric system requirements. We will help your label comply and look good doing it!

After choosing to use the label experts (that would be LabelTec) to print your labels, one frequent decision is which material to print your label on. Equally important is the adhesive you choose. Removable adhesives are sometimes needed and freezer adhesives help you label in and for cold temperatures.

Semigloss is our standard material. We print more than 80% of our jobs on semigloss because it is the right quality at the right price. Our volume discount allows us to price competitively. Metalized paper looks like foil and catches your customer’s eye.

Clear Labels with Labelyte

Clear labels allow the product to be featured within the label area.

Clear labelyte is a polypropylene film which allows you to see through to the product in strategic areas.

White labelyte has a pearlescent gloss which makes a label stand out as well as being waterproof.

Whatever label material you choose, we protect the printing with varnish or a laminated film. Your label is protected from smudging and the elements. We will check with you in what conditions the label is applied and the abuse it may take while on the product. We will come up with the right material to keep your product presenting and informing the way it should.

A. Process Color Labels

Process Color Labels

Print a wide range of colors, including full-color images, using 4-color process printing.

To print a full spectrum of color we digitally separate colors into percentages of the four process colors. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink are printed in sequence to provide the full-color experience. Your art is separated into the 4 process colors and printed as half tone dots. We use fine line screens for the best detail.

There is always an option to add a 5th spot color. A spot color is a pre-mixed ink which matches a Pantone number. This allows label color to match other printed pieces which have the same Pantone specified. A group of similar products can be color coded to help your customer differentiate each product. A fifth color can also be used to print text in a special color.

B. Pantone Spot Color Labels

Pantone Spot Color Labels

Spot colors give products a unified look across a series of products.

Spot color is any colored ink that is printed as a single plate rather than being separated into the four process colors. There are over a thousand colors available in the Pantone color system and they tend to be brighter and more vibrant than process color. Since a single plate prints each spot color, text and graphics are sharp and clear.

Spot Color Metalized Labels

Spot colors also allow color-coding products within a series of products.

If you are unsure which color system is best for you, submit your art and we will help you decide on the best color choices for printing your labels.


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