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What Kind of Custom Labels Do You Need?

We know how hard it is to find the right product for your labels. There are so many options! Luckily, we can help you figure out which product will fit your custom label needs.

Digital Labels

Digital printing is fast and cost-effective. It doesn’t require plates, so it’s perfect for designs with constantly changing graphics and regulations. We can make changes in minutes and save the settings for efficient and consistent printing in the future. Choose from a variety of materials that fit your brand and budget.

Peel-Back Labels

These “peel-and-reveal” labels help you maximize space with up to 3 pages of content. They work well for labels that include legal statements, ingredients, nutrition facts, promotional or other information with the original artwork. You see these labels on medicine bottles, cosmetics, and cannabis products.

Booklet Labels

Laminated booklet labels include extended content for over three pages and up to 72 pages on your label. The number of pages may seem excessive, but it’s necessary for industries that need to follow regulatory guidelines, such as pesticides and fertilizers.

Promotional Handouts

Custom handouts for special events, conferences, or giveaways can help you build your brand even further than the label. Have something to give away, and make sure it’s memorable.

Specialty Labels

Our specialty printing process requires plating and items like fluorescent inks or metallic foils. We create stunning and vibrant labels that make your brand (literally) stand out and shine. It’s recommended for highly competitive industries like breweries and beauty products.

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How Does Specialty Label Printing Work?

Our flexographic printing process is primarily for high quantities of custom labels that don’t require frequent changes to graphics or content. Custom labels don’t always need to go onto the press, though. We have options!

Why We Don’t Recommend Low Quantities with Press

custom labels require many ingredientsLet’s say you wanted a bowl of mom’s homemade chili. You know she uses all the best ingredients like lean ground beef, fresh-made sausage, home-garden peppers, and the perfect blend of seasonings. To get that one bowl of chili, you’ll need to buy all the ingredients and then prepare and cook the whole pot before you get your single serving of chili.

Our specialty label printing process has a lot of ingredients and steps to prepare your custom labels, but the results are always exquisite. You just want to make sure the recipe (design) is complete, robust, and meant to last so you can use all the labels. We can help you with that.

Industries Served

We proudly serve customers in multiple markets.

Food and Beverage

Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Beauty Supplies

Vitamins and Supplements

Cannabis and Hemp

Medical and Bioscience


What Our Customers Say

Our company has been working with LabelTec for years and we are always happy with the service we receive. They are so helpful and everyone I have worked with has been wonderful! Thank you guys for everything.
- McKenzie Lampe -
As a local company ourselves, we’ve had great experiences in our dealings with LabelTec. Their one on one interactions have made it easier in achieving the end product that we wanted, with great customer service overall.
- The Roberto’s Salsas & Sauces Family -
Very responsive & helpful as we were trying to navigate our initial labeling runs for 22-oz bottles. The expert team at LabelTec helped us with many iterations of our initial design, answered all our questions, and helped us troubleshoot our labeler as well.
- Carol Cochran -

You Have the Idea, We Have the Labels.

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