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8 Compelling Reasons You Need Custom Labels

While regulations and compliance are compelling enough reasons to customize your labels, we feel like that’s a “given,” so here are a few more reasons you need custom labels.

#1:  Adapting to Changes in the Market & Demand

There’s no question – 2020 has changed the way the world works and conducts business. As with all changes, there’s a grace period where the market navigates new waters and addresses new challenges. That means leaders are thinking innovatively to meet these emerging demands. (Consider the distilleries making hand sanitizer and fashion designers making masks.) Entrepreneurs are innovative and respond to challenging times with solutions. So, whether you have a new product or a refined message, you need custom labels to add power behind your marketing strategy with a well-branded label.

#2:  Brand Building or Expansion Opportunities

Custom labels are a great way to build awareness about your brand, use your reputation to promote a new product, or expand into a different market. A great label is not only attractive, but it connects with the consumer on a personal level and brings these customers closer to your brand, inspiring loyalty.

#3:  Enhance the Brand Recognition Experience

The golden arches, the swoosh, the FedEx arrow, Starbuck’s Melusine – these are easily recognizable brands. Brand recognition is about getting people to notice your product over the others on the shelf or in the marketplace. When you want to create a unique brand that communicates your message in a clear and consistent tone, you need custom labels.

#4:  When You Want to Attract, You Need Custom Labels

Maybe you want to get a smile or a head-cocked look of interest, or even provide a shock factor on your label design. The goal is to stop the consumer in their tracks. On-shelf visibility is one of the most critical aspects of your positioning strategy. Great art on custom labels makes choosing your brand over the competitor’s a little easier.

#5:  Stay Relevant to Be Competitive

As mentioned before, the market is changing, and the demands along with it. When you look at your competitors’ products, do you get the sense they’ve put a lot of time into their branding and messaging? Often, the reason people choose them over you is that their packaging was more attractive and answered a question they may not have known to ask. You need custom labels to stay fresh and competitive in a loud and demanding marketplace.

#6:  You Need Custom Labels for a Refined Message

Even big businesses that have been around a while don’t always get the message right on their labels.  We’re all human and can miss things like misspellings, confusing messages, and unfortunate image placements.  You may need to refine the message to be more realistic or aligned with your customers’ needs and demands.

#7:  Better Visuals = Better Results

Creative custom label designs with excellent messaging don’t just WOW people with that dress-to-impress look. When done right, they can increase sales and inspire customer loyalty. In a study performed by a large UK printer, findings showed that there are three simple explanations for why great labels have so much power:

  1. People pay attention to things they deem important. When you see your name, a shocking image, or an aspect of danger, that image or message pushes its way to the front of your mind.
  2. The emotional part of the brain is on autopilot and is usually the first response, after which we bring in rational thought.
  3. People make purchasing decisions based on subliminal or rule-of-thumb shortcuts in thinking. For example, if your competitor is on the top shelf and there are several gone, that tells a consumer that must be the better option.

The bottom line is that you need custom labels to attract the “human” part of your customer’s mind, and it’s proven to be successful.

#8:  Optimizing Space with Extra Marketing Opportunities

Custom shapes and peel-back labels are a couple of our favorite products. With peel-away, the top layer can be removed and then reapplied to virtually anything else. If your artwork is outstanding, for example, many people will decorate their lives with those labels. You could also use the peel-away to offer a rebate or gift at their next purchase. The point is that custom labels often help you expand your marketing reach. You can offer various coupons, contests, games, and giveaways, making you even more unique and fun.

There are many reasons to customize your product labels, the most important of which is that great labels can build a business and grow sales.

8 Compelling Reasons You Need Custom Labels

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