Booklet Label Printing

Booklet labels, also called extended content labels or expanded content labels (ECL), allow even more information to be added to a label. LabelTec can laminate a booklet of up to 72 pages to a base label. This allows your label to include all the information you could desire, all while maintaining the artistic and brand integrity of your label.  We guarantee you will love the end product.

While it may seem a bit excessive at times to include a whole booklet on the label, it is often necessary in order to comply with certain regulations. Even when not required, it may be beneficial to your branding and/or customer relations to include helpful or pertinent information. This is where extended content labels shine. Get the important stuff across without losing your branding and elegance.

Extended Content Booklet Label

Our booklet labels give you the freedom to include the details you need without sacrificing design

We don’t believe in making our customers compromise. You have a vision for your product, and here at Labeltec, we know how important it is to feel not just alright, but genuinely excited by your packaging. This is why we have committed ourselves to perfect the art of extended content labels.

Our unique process for producing extended content labels has been optimized to save you money and be environmentally friendly. We print the base layer of your booklet labels separately. This allows us to inspect this element and correct it as needed before it is applied to the rest of the booklet. The result is less wasted paper, higher efficiency, and greater accuracy.

Directions for use, warranty information, warnings, and multiple languages can all be affixed directly to the product. Full-color branding can remain on the front page. These booklet labels are often used in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries.

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