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Our specialty and private label design services can make your product stand out from the competition. Your product is unique, and we understand that means it might need a label that is unique. While we pride ourselves on our diverse range of traditional printing options, we place the customer’s wishes and desires above all else.

Are you looking to separate yourself from the competition? We have just what you need. Here at LabelTec, we value your creativity and stylistic flair, and we will work with you to ensure that your unconventional ideas can come to life on your product packaging. Private label design is vital to ensuring your unique product gets the attention it deserves.

At LabelTec, we can use metallic or fluorescent inks, print on metallic material, and finish with a matte, gloss or raised varnishes or laminates. LabelTec can add metallic foils to your label using cold foil or hot foil stamping for luxurious-looking labels. We can print sequential numbers for your limited-release products.

We can even print your private label design using thermochromatic (colors that change with temperature), glow in the dark, and scratch-and-sniff inks. Security and sequential numbers can enhance the uniqueness of your product. Check with us on any other labeling, and we will give you informed advice on the best way to make your product stand out.

In addition to the many unique and exciting inks we have to offer, we can pair your custom designs with many different materials. Whether you need durability, breathtaking color, or even want laminated labels – which will last a lifetime – we can deliver.

When you have a beautifully crafted idea for a private label design, you don’t want to make concessions. We understand that, and we are committed to making exactly what you have in mind.

Tell us about your project, and we'll help you find the best printing solution.


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