types of varnish

Here at LabelTec, we can produce labels with several types of varnish. This varnish serves as a protecting layer and enhances the label printing. All the labels we produce are finished with either varnish or laminate. This means that your labels will be durable and able to withstand whatever elements they will face.

Gloss varnish deepens the color and adds shine. This is one of the types of varnish that can really help your product jump out. The gloss finish exaggerates whatever is beneath it, meaning that the already vivid colors of your label will be taken to an even greater level of intensity. This is the varnish to choose if you are looking to make a serious statement with your product packaging.

Matte varnishes provide the same protection, but they offer a more subtle, modern look. When you want to let the product speak for itself, this is one of the best types of varnish.  It is perfect if you want your packaging to take a backseat and let your product speak for itself. Matte varnishes exude a quiet confidence, the kind that piques the interest of those with refined taste. If that is the target demographic towards which you are aiming your marketing, this is the perfect choice to finish your label.

We can also finish your product labels with an impressionable varnish if you need to print lot numbers or date codes on the label. This impressionable varnish is a fantastic way to add subtle details to your labels without the need to involve large amounts of clutter in the design. Raised varnishes and soft-touch types of varnish impart texture and feel to the look of your project. Whatever aim you seek to achieve with your labels, we are sure to have a varnish finish option perfectly matched to your goal. Ask us which is right for you, and we will happily help you arrive at the best selection.

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