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We know there is a lot of competition in just about any industry. When you are trying to design your packaging, it can be difficult to figure out the ways in which your product can stand out from the rest of the market. While we offer an extensive number of options to customize your labels, we know there are times when even that won’t be enough to bring your vision to life. That’s why we offer specialty materials for your label printing.

The specialty materials LabelTec offers for you to incorporate when you design your packaging are:

  • prismatic foil: this is a foil which allows for custom visual effects to be displayed on your label. Often used in playing cards, this foil produces magnificent visuals that can add a distinctive flair to your packaging.
  • wine-label stock: many wine labels utilize different materials than the standard stuff used to produce other labels. We stock these, ensuring we will have just what you need for your bottles.
  • Black vellum: this smooth, membrane-like paper has a unique appeal. It is scroll-like and can be used to add an old-world charm to products.
  • Kraft: kraft refers to the typical papermaking process. We stock kraft paper for its versatility, and it can be utilized to make labels with many of our printing methods.
  • Thermal transfer imprintable: this material is printed on by melting a coating onto it.
  • Direct thermal: this material utilizes a similar process to that above; however, whereas thermal transfer melts a coating onto the material, this material changes color itself with the application of heat.
  • Custom adhesives: we can make a variety of adhesives, able to resist all kinds of conditions.

Among these many options, you are sure to find just what you need to design your packaging in a unique and novel way without having to go overboard on artwork or risk alienating potential customers with too much intensity.

We can source any material – just ask.

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