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Hinge Label Animation

Also called a peel-and-reveal, double-sided, or hinge label, this kind of label uses multiple layers of material to increase the amount of space available. This is perfect for labels looking to include legal statements, ingredients, nutrition facts, promotional or other product information alongside the original branding and artwork.

With hinge label printing services, the brand of your product does not need to change, nor does the artwork. Any extra information can be printed on the adhesive side and/or on the layer beneath, allowing you the freedom to print any original designs while still incorporating any necessary information or explanation underneath.

We don’t believe in making our customers choose between artistic vision and practicality. With our hinge label services, you don’t have to compromise anything. Your product is important to you, and we know that a big part of showing your products the respect they deserve is getting the labeling just right. That is exactly what we aim to do, and that is why we offer multi-ply labels.

Don’t settle on a label that doesn’t match your vision. Our hinge label format works with any number of materials. From durable film to vibrant metalized materials, your double-sided label will capture your vision perfectly.

Not only will this label format save you space, but you will also save money. Because the double-sided printing increases surface area without increasing materials needed, it is quite cost effective. We pass those savings on to you! You get the satisfaction of seeing your product just as you envisioned and complying with any mandated additional information requirements, all while cutting costs and keeping labels budget-friendly.

With the only 12-color press on the Front Range, we provide you with up to 12 colors in a single pass, allowing you to print full-color on the outer and inner panels.

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