Expanded Content

Expanded Content Label Example

This label gives product information in 3 different languages by employing a 4-page booklet laminated to the base label.

Booklet Labels go by many names, including Onsert, Expanded Copy, Extended Content and Multi-Page Labels. These names all refer to a folded or stapled booklet laminated to a base label. The booklet adds as much copy room as needed for your regulatory, legal, instructional, multilingual and promotional text. The consumer only sees what is most important on the front of the booklet with everything else organized inside. Booklet labels are as versatile as you need them to be.

LabelTec has developed a proprietary method which allows you to double your label area without requiring a booklet label. Two-Sided Labels deaden specific areas of the adhesive so the back-side can be read without removing the label from the product. Another use is on clear packaging where both the front and back of a label are visible.

A.Two-sided Labels.

Two-Sided Label ExampleWhen you run out of room to say what needs to be said, consider two-sided labels from LabelTec. We delaminate, print on the adhesive side and put it all together again. You have the option to add directions, legal statements or anything else on the back side of the label, where it won’t interfere with the first-glance appearance of the label. The advantage of the two-sided label is that you double your print area without adding to the cost of materials. We can also customize the adhesive with designated areas that are deadened. The label becomes user-friendly while sticking where it needs to stick.

Sometimes all you need is one side of a label. Two-sided labels take longer to set up than regular labels, but they are a cheaper alternative to adding a booklet. Let us see your text and we can give a recommendation to a cost-effective solution. LabelTec is dedicated to allowing you to use all the space you need for all the information you want on your product.

B. Booklet Labels

The amount of information that needs to be included with your product continues to expand:

  • Legal language such as product warranty and disclaimers
  • State, federal and international regulations and warnings
  • Multiple languages to expand the availability of product information
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the product including explanatory diagrams
  • Promotional copy

Booklet Label Example

If you don’t want these demands to crowd existing label space, consider a booklet label. You can attach this legal, regulatory, instructional, multilingual and promotional text and graphics right to your product without it dictating the design. Your customers will have all the information organized in anything from 2 to 100 pages. And even if the booklet is removed from the product, the base label is left behind, keeping a consistent look to the product.

Small Booklet Labels

Even a small amount of label space can be expanded to enable full directions of use, warnings and legal information, attached right to the product

LabelTec has pioneered a production method which allows the booklet application to take place separate from the press. This allows base labels to be printed and inspected before applying the booklets. Most companies are not able to inspect the base labels because they print in a continuous process. Press speeds and book application speeds can be optimized resulting in higher quality, less waste and greater economy in production.

After base labels have been printed, they are registered on the booklet label machine. Booklets are fed at high speeds onto the base labels and laminated in place. They are inspected for accurate placement before being die cut. The waste is pulled away to leave the finished booklet label. These are wound onto a roll for automated or manual application. All the information is available by peeling the laminate and the booklet can be resealed after use.

Contact LabelTec with your project and we will work with you to build a booklet label that fills your needs.

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