labeltec printingLabelTec began as a food business. Well, sort of. In 1982, our family bought a printer to create labels for our food products. After other companies took notice of our labels, we ditched the food. Labels became our exclusive focus.

Since then, we have used our skills, careful methods, and industry-leading technology to create high-quality labels. We pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy, and we focus on giving you what you want: the perfect mixture of speed, low prices, and quality.

At LabelTec, we understand that labels are an essential part of your marketing strategy. To meet your needs, we offer:

  • Software that quickly and accurately gives you a custom quote
  • In-house graphics and digital platemaking, saving you the cost of a third-party vendor
  • Instant Change Technology®, which is designed to keep your labels looking pristine for longer
  • Over 1,000 Pantone colors that will accurately display your design with every single print

label printing pressFinally, we primarily use flexographic printing, arguably the most reliable way to produce stunning labels. Flexographic printing works by transferring ink onto the label using flexible printing plates on rotating cylinders. Because of its flexibility, this method works to create a wide variety of different labels, including , multi-ply labels, metallic labels, and more.

Each color used in the design requires its own plate. The plates are coated in ink, wrapped around cylinders and placed in the press. This allows continuous printing on rolls of stock for automatic or semi-automatic application, which means we can quickly print large orders. LabelTec creates each plate in-house to ensure accuracy and optimal cost savings. Additionally, all plates can be saved for future jobs.

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